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Wonderful Wedding Day Experience

I remember waking up on my wedding day and feeling extremely excited. I can still remember all the emotions that flowed through me that day. Butterflies, excitement, happiness, nervousness, jitters, some more butterflies and at one point I am sure I felt all these emotions at once! As I am writing this, I am reliving this experience all over again, and it still feels so surreal!

The Morning Of My Wedding Day:

My maid of honour, who is one of my best friends, stayed with me at my moms house the night before the big day. Needless to say, this was probably one of the best sleepovers I had ever had, as I knew when I woke up the next morning, I would almost be Mrs. Roberts! The morning of the wedding day I was just sneaking around in the room getting all my things ready to go to the venue (the excitement was too much to handle, so obviously I couldn’t sleep).

My maid of honour (and right hand-girl) whom I did not want to wake, realised that I was awake… she demanded that I get back in bed. Her reason for this was, that she wanted to pamper me from the moment I opened my eyes! I still remember her saying : ” I am bringing you coffee in bed. Stay right there and do not move a muscle! ” As I was sitting there alone in the room I thought to myself, WOW today I am getting married. And I remember feeling Content. For the next few minutes myself, Liezel and my mother were just chatting and laughing. We were all really REALLY excited.

My Wedding Day

Right Hand Girls


Arrival At The Venue:

Liezel and I then left for the venue with my mom promising she would be there soon. We got to the venue and my two other bridesmaids were already there waiting for us. We exchanged a lot of ooh, aahhhs, yeahs, whoohoos and jippies. The wonderful staff at Duck Point Venue then directed us to the private kitchen in the honeymoon suite. All of us enjoyed my favourite breakfast, French toast with fruit salad and fresh orange juice, with a breathtaking view.

Time To Get Ready:

By the time we had finished our breakfast, it was time to get ready. It seemed so early, as it was only 9 am, but believe me, we really needed all that time to titivate.

They say your wedding day flies by so fast… and I can honestly say that it really does.

We were all getting ready in the honeymoon suite, it was so incredibly spacious – with a big room, two living areas, a walk-in closet and a BIG mirror area for the make up artist and hair dresser. 

The lovely staff at Duck Point also brought us some snacks to keep our tummies happy. You know what they say……happy tummy, happy life.

Most Precious Moments of My Wedding Day:

My two bridemaids wrote me letters and gave them to me that morning, in the midst of all the hairspray and eyeshadow I decided to sit by myself and read these letters. They moved me so much I actually started crying. They just reminded me why I chose them to be my right hand girls and how special they are to me.

My Wedding Day

My Girls

As I was getting my hair done, a gift from Johan, My hubby to be, arrived. It was a box full of little gifts and a letter. So special, I have read it a few times from that day, and every time it makes me cry. The box was filled with the most thoughtful and funny presents. One of the reasons I love him so much is because he can make me laugh so hard.

My Wedding Day

Emotions Everywhere

I also remember the moment my sister arrived, I was so happy to see her, she has always been my calm in the midst of well … the storm. Once I saw her in her dress all ready she looked so incredibly beautiful and I realised how lucky I was to have a sibling like her!

My Wedding Day


I wanted to do a first look with my dad before the ceremony. So I waited for him around the corner and they called him to come in. He took one glimpse at me and then hastily tried to leave, as he didn’t want to cry, but just a few seconds later he hugged me and whispered in my ear “you look beautiful my daughter” and even though he will strongly deny it, there were definitely tears in his eyes.

My Wedding Day

Father and Daughter

Another special moment was with my Mother, everyone had already left for the chapel, and she took my two hands into her and said:” Daniella, my baby (she always calls me that as I am the youngest) you look absolutely beautiful and today is the start of the rest of your life with the man of your dreams, I know he will make you happy and be good to him.”

My Wedding Day

Mother and Daughter

And so we are off to the chapel…
Walking through this beautiful building, it felt so surreal, absolutely like a dream come true (cliche, I know but it’s true).

My dad asked me how are you feeling? My words to him were:
Content, I have never been so content with any decision in my life. I am ready.

And that is where a new chapter in my life started, and I have loved writing this chapter ever since!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, and that you all experience as much love and happiness on your big day as I did.

If you have any wedding experiences you would like to share with us, just leave your stories in the comments, we would love to hear them!

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Happy Tuesday!!



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