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Why I love Aloe Unique Products

Why Aloe Vera??

This is the first and only Aloe Vera range in South Africa that contains vitamin A, B, C and E and is also Paraben free (Paraben is a cancer causing agent used in products such as preservatives). The aloe vera plant that is used in the Aloe Unique products is nature’s ultimate healer. It is also often referred to as the miracle plant. Aloe ferox has two main raw ingredients suitable for human and animal usage.

Two main ingredients in Aloe Unique:
  1. Bitter sap: This is used internally as an effective detoxifier and a natural laxative. When used externally on your skin it has a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Aloe Unique and all its healing elements is great to use on all problematic skin types.
  2. The jelly (non-bitter): formulated into skin and body products and it has a much higher concentration of amino acids than the Aloe-Vera plant.

It is scientifically proven that aloe vera penetrates the skin up to the 7th layer. This means that it carries its healing and regenerating effect throughout the layers of your skin.

Functions Of Vitamins in Aloe Unique:
  • Vitamin A- Stimulates blood circulation and treats pigmentation.
  • Vitamin B- Promotes skin elasticity and provides oxygen to the skin cells.
  • Vitamin C- Rich in anti-oxidants, fights free radicals and firms and strengthens the skin.
  • Vitamin E- This vitamin is very well accepted into the skin which is important for anti-aging and moisture loss. This vitamin is also an anti-oxidant component.

Aloe unique has a wide range of products for you skin and your body.

My Favourites Are:
  1. The Aloe Unique serum
  2. All Aloe Unique consumables (Immune Booster and Bitter Crystals)
  3. Aloe Unique insect repellent
Why They Are My Favourites:
  1. This formula contains a concentrated blend of aloe vera. It is 100% equal to actives within the aloe leaf. These products are ideal for treating pigmentation. It also stimulates skin regeneration which means it also serves as an anti-aging product. This elegant formulation also forms a barrier to help protects the skin from everyday environment damage and dehydration.
  2. Immune building, calms digestive system and has a stabilizing effect on blood acid and sugar levels. This is a non-bitter aloe drink.
  3. This is an effective insects repellent, guarding you against insect bites. It is safe to use on infants and has no harsh smell.


I hope you all have a GREAT weekend filled with positive vibes, and just hang in there… it’s almost HOLIDAY TIME!

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  1. Elise

    I use various of the Aloevera products but use the Gel extensively. I stay in Vereeniging and am seeking an agent closeby, Vanderbijl or so, so I can come and collect in person.


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