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How to use colour correction concealer the RIGHT way!

Foundation for your skin type.

How to use colour correcting concealers.


It seems that make up techniques are almost ever changing, lately we have been introduced to make up techniques such as contouring, baking, blending… and a whole lot of other terminology we use to paint our faces. Today I will be discussing colour correction concealers and why it is GREAT!

The colours of the colour correction concealers each serve a purpose to eliminate blemishes by using strategic colour theories, (remember the colour wheel and how certain colours could tone others down). Colour correction concealers are formulated in different shades of greens, yellows, purples and oranges.

Most of you probably know what colour concealers are, but you are not familiar as to how they actually work? Well that’s what I`m here for, but firstly I want to elaborate on what colour serves what purpose.

Colour Purpose when concealing:


  • Green is used to neutralise redness. It is also used to brighten the skin, so it is best to use green for red areas on your skin, such as acne or skin irritations.
  • Orange/Pink is used to lighten dark areas, such those annoying teenage acne scars or even to lighten up those dark circles under your eyes (this is great if you’ve been binge watching your favourite series until 2:00 am).
  • Purple will balance out any yellowness or uneven tones on your skin, so it’s great for covering old bruises or dull areas.
  • Finally, Yellow is great for hiding anything blue or purple, people with translucent skin will benefit from this the most as the yellow concealer is great for covering those fine capillaries. Yellow is also great for concealing aging spots.

Step 1 when applying colour correction concealer is to apply a primer before hand to a clean washed face.

Step 2 will be to apply the colour concealers to their designated areas.

Designated areas: 


  • Green: Around those red areas which will most likely be close to the nose area, however it depends on the individual, if you feel that there are red scars that you want to conceal on your cheek, then you do so!
  • Orange/Pink: Most definitely you will always apply this underneath the eyes together with some yellow to lighten up those dark circles. (Again, if you feel that there are some acne scars elsewhere on your face that needs some correction, then by all means apply it!)
  • Purple: Dependent on the dullness and yellowness of certain areas, however you may as well apply some purple colour concealer close to the hairline on your forehead, as well as on your chin just to lighten up the skin.
  • Yellow: This colour concealer can be used together with an orange or pink colour correction concealer underneath the eyes.

Here is a picture of how colour correction concealers should mostly be applied:


Designated areas to apply colour correction concealers

Colour Correction Concealer

Step 3 is to gently blend out your colour concealer.

Step 4 will be to continue your make up routine as usual! 

As easy as one, two, three… okay, maybe four!

Keep an eye for our Friday blog post where I will be discussing BEGINNER CONTOURING!

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