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The Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

I know that you probably hear this from everyone, and you are sick of hearing it… but a person actually needs to exercise, not only for that super-hot-bod, but also for mental and emotional wellness. I know, it kind of sucks, why can’t we all just stay skinny, be happy, eat whatever we want and NEVER need to exercise? I ask myself that at least three times a day. Well, now that I have vented all the frustration about basically not being a robot, I can start with this weeks blog post!

So, let’s start on a more positive note this time… Today’s post is all about the benefits of exercise, and believe me, there’s plenty! I cannot however discuss them all, because you might end up missing exercise due to the potentially log blog post!

We all know exercise is good for you, once you get into a good exercise routine you can expect the following positive changes in your life.

Benefits of exercise:

  • It will definitely make you happier- as exercise improves your mood and decreases feelings of depression by releasing a ‘feel-good’ hormone during and after exercise. When we are happier within ourselves we also just feel better. Don’t you want to be the best you, you can be?
  • Another benefit of exercise is that it will improve your energy levels. I know it seems impossible, because if you’re too tired to get yourself into the gym, how will you have energy when your done? Well, it’s been proven over and over again, by scientists who (I am sure) know what their talking about! So just believe it!
  • Destress- when I exercise, especially with my music in my ears, I have time to be alone in my head and think through what is happing around and with me, time to reflect and understand my own emotions.
  • It can help with sleep quality- whenever I exercise regularly, I sleep like a baby that night!

If you can’t afford gym memberships, never fear – there are some fun home exercises that we will be discussing in our future blogs! If you can’t wait until then, try out a parkrun close to you every Saturday! It’s great fun, and a GREAT way to get into shape.

Happy Friday Fit People!

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