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Spotless Wedding Skin: Blog Post 5

Spotless Wedding Skin


Spotless Wedding Skin:

Three months before the big day



So here we are… Three months until your big day. How exciting is that? Only three months until you become a Mrs. Well when you say ‘I do’, I want you to have spotless wedding skin. Thus today’s blog post is all about DIY face masks that will make your skin glow. I will also discuss in some in-salon treatments, hair & body care as well as how to care for your insides. So here it goes, I hope you like it!


This month we will be doing active treatments again and you will see a big improvement on your skin and assure you spotless wedding skin on your big day. Ideally we need to do two treatment in salon this month for the problematic skin type and one treatment for the environmental skin type.

Problematic Skin:

The Problematic skin type would need treatments once every two weeks I would recommend the Nimue SRC Problematic treatment. This treatment is beneficial to these skin types because it aims to resurface the skin to stimulate epidermal growth through the removal of damaged layers of the skin.

Environmentally Damaged Skin:

Environmentally damaged skin type would need to receive the Nimue SRC treatment for Environmentally damaged at least once in this month. This treatment has minimal downtime, which means basically you will experience dry flaky skin for about one week. The SRC treatment also offers your skin a barrier to protect your skin from environmental factors. It also repairs your skin from the damaged it has already taken from the environment. Therefore this treatment will have long lasting results for your skin, making sure you have spotless wedding skin on your big day.

The difference between the two treatments (SRC Problematic and SRC Environmentally damaged) is the different ingredients in each treatment. Each has its own unique ingredients that target your specific skin concerns, making the results all the more effective whilst giving you the results you want.  

Home Skin-Care:

Your home care routine by this time should be like second nature. And I am sure by all the results you are seeing on your skin you are just loving this routine at home. This month I would recommend you to not add anything new to your skin care routine. Just follow the steps that were given in my previous post . I will be adding some new tips for spotless wedding skin at home in the next post!


You need to up your game this month with your body routine. This month I want you to exfoliate your entire body 3 times, not just twice anymore. Be sure not to exfoliate on the same night you have shaved or waxed as it might cause an irritation on your skin. Keeping your skin smooth during this time will also make you feel great and relaxed during this stressful wedding planning time.


You need to continue this month with your four mask a month. By this time you need to go for a hair trail and you can do your in-salon mask with your trail, also making it the perfect time for you to go do a pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot. I believe everyone should do Engagement shoot before the wedding just to get comfortable with your photographer and to get comfortable in front of the camera. The photos will be all you have left after your wedding and they will help you remember all those wonderful memories you mad on that day.


Continue with you gel overlays at the salon. This month you need to start growing your nails a little bit longer to be sure you have the right length on your wedding day, it all depends on the length and shape you desire on your wedding day. You can read all about shape, length, art and colours in the wedding nails blog. This month I also want you to take your Matsimela body scrub and leave it next to your tooth brush, every night when you brush your teeth you can exfoliate your hands and when you pop in bed you can just moisture and apply cuticle oil. This will keep your hands in tip top shape before your wedding day. This is also a good routine if you struggle with winters hands to do in the winter time.  


Keep on using your Folic acid and multi vitamins to maintain your inner health. If you feel tired here is tip for you. When you get home, have a long bath and that get into bed and do some breathing exercises. Count slowly and breathe in for 4 counts, hold your breath for 7 counts and breathe out for 8 counts. Continue doing this for a while and do not think about any stressful wedding planning or any other stress you might have at this point, just think of the amazing honeymoon your fiancé has planned for you. Such an exciting time we are going through right now. Just enjoy and remember to give your fiancé some quality time.

I hope that you have a blessed journey in the next few months leading up to your big day! I also hope that my advice can help you in any way, big or small. Also remember that I am writing this blog post series out of my own experiences. So not everything that I did in the six months leading up to my wedding day will work for you, but it should serve as a guideline to help make your big day perfect!

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Happy Friday Beautiful Bride-to-Be.




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