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The importance of SPF and Sunscreen.


So the winter is approaching, and you are probably wondering why I’m telling you about SPF now? Well that’s because, just because the rays of the sun are further from us during the winter months, doesn’t mean that the UV rays aren’t any less damaging to your skin. This is why it is extremely important to always where sunscreen when going out during the day! EVEN IN THE WINTER!

What is SPF?


I bet that most of you haven’t even thought what SPF actually stands for, well it stands for Sun Protection Factor, the SPF in sunscreen can range from as low as 2 to about 70. The SPF in sunscreen is to protect your skin from the UVB rays of the sun, the UVB rays are what causes sunburn, however sunscreen also protects your skin against the UVA rays, which cause more long term damage such as wrinkles, skin cancer etc.

Why is sunscreen important?


A study by the Melanoma foundation has shown that skin cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer for women in their twenties, so ladies you better sunscreen yourself before going to the beach. Now many of you may say that you don’t wear sunscreen because you need to work on your tan, well… the truth is that you will still get that tan, it may take a bit longer, but that summer skin will happen, in a SAFE and PROTECTED way!

It is also important to remember to sunscreen yourself before you leave for your daily activities in the morning, as the UV rays of the sun don’t stand back for your drive to work, the UV rays are so strong that they actually do penetrate windows! The sun is also at its most harmful during 10 AM and 4 PM, so if you are outside during these times, please ensure that you are well protected.

My preferred product!


I do prefer to use the Nimue SPF 30 for my face, because it is a dermatological product, I know that I take care of my face whilst wearing it. However for the rest of my body any other sunscreen SPF 20 or higher will do. Try Nivea or EverySun (if you are unsure of which brand to choose) as they are the cheapest and you can find them at almost any store. On the other hand the rating of the SPF also depends on the sensitivity of your skin. If you do have lighter skin that tends to catch sunburn quite easily, you might want to opt for a higher SPF.

So sunscreen up ladies and protect your skin, after all you do spend the rest of your life in it!

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