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Soils of Africa: Matsimela Home Spa

Matsimela Home Spa

Deep beneath the rich soils of Mother Africa lay a secret so sensational, so pure and opulent in heritage and it has recently been introduced to man as Matsimela. I hope that at the end of this post, you, the reader will be lured into the sensational and soothing world of the Matsimela home spa range.

Matismela is a proudly South African product and also the only pamper spa product manufactured in South Africa. The name Matsimela is Sotho for ‘Roots’. According to the Matsimela website their mission is to return to the roots that we came from and to enrich the client with African heritage.

This brand is distinctly African, and they also strive to uplift and support disadvantaged communities by sourcing natural ingredients from rural areas. So for us here at Adara this means that not only are we caressing our skin in the roots of our African heritage, but by supporting a proudly South African brand such as Matsimela we are ensuring a bright future for South Africa.

Furthermore, Matsimela ensures that spa products are available for the individual who prefers to stay in over weekends while treating themselves to a bubble bath with sensational bath salts and scrubbing the week away with the Matsimela sugar scrub. Matsimela gives you a delightful spa pamper session in the luxury of your own home.

This Home Spa range also offers a wide variety of products which are produced in different scents.

Home Spa Product Range:
  • Sugar and Salt scrubs
  • Exfoliating mud scrub
  • Massage and bath oils
  • Soap
  • Body butter
  • Hand lotion
Matsimela Home Spa Marula Nut

Matsimela Home Spa Marula Nut

Flavour varieties:
  • Marula Nut
  • Rooibos and Honey
  • Baobab
  • Litchi and Rose
  • Sandalwood and Vanilla
  • Red Berry
  • Ginger and Line
  • Warm Orange and Ginger
Matsimela Home Spa

Matsimela Home Spa Boabab

We stock these flavours:
  • Baobab
  • Litchi and Rose
  • Sandalwood and Vanilla
  • Red Berry
Matsimela Home Spa

Matsimela Home Spa Rooibos & Honey


My favourite ‘flavour’ in the Matsimela range is the Baobab. This range is made from the Baobab tree which is also known as the ‘Tree of Life’. It definitely rejuvenates the skin, putting the life right back into distressed skin. So I guess the ‘Tree of Life’ is a really relevant name. The kernels contained within the baobab fruit pod harvests a rich, golden scented oil traditionally used by African women to protect their beautiful skin against the harsh African environment. This oil has strong natural moisturizing properties and is commonly used to both prevent and cure dry skin conditions of the face and body. The baobab oil has also been developed with exceptional quality as part of the Ubuntu natural Range. It is manufactured by using organically certified, green technology processes that is free of solvents and GMO’s.

Interesting facts abou the Matsimela products:
  • All the Matsimela Products have an oil/extract base, as well as a specially formulated fragrance base.
  • Matsimela Products are functional, practical and cost effective.
  • They are associated with well-being and pampering in the privacy of your own home.
  • Each flavour has its own unique benefits and effects on the skin and well-being.

In conclusion, I hope that this post has given you clarity into the Matsimela home spa range, and that not everything has to be imported to be good!

Until next time…

I want to also remind you, to always love the skin you’re in!

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