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Professional Evening Make Up at Home.

Special Occasion Makeup

Once again make up guru Jenine Grobler has blessed us with some of her expert make up tips. Today’s post is all about achieving professional-looking evening make up at home. Jenine, who is owner of Belle, Beauty by Jenine has written down a few tips which will help you, the reader, to easily achieve professional-looking make up.

Evening Make Up.


If you want to avoid looking too pale in the evening, match the foundation on your neck or cheeks prior to the application. Please DO NOT match the foundation on your hand. For an evening make up look you can choose a foundation with more coverage. Apply the foundation to a clean washed and prepped face, then blend it out with a makeup sponge.

Powder & Bronzing:

The next step to achieving professional-looking evening make up will be to apply a loose or pressed powder over the foundation. This will ensure that your foundation stays in place for the duration of the evening. After the powder application, apply a bronzer or blush to your cheekbones and forehead. Make sure it’s blended well.


For this step you can either use an eyebrow powder or pencil. Choose a colour that suits your natural eyebrow colour or 1 shade darker. Fill your eyebrows with a slanted make up brush then comb through to blend the powder or pencil. 

Eye Shadow:

For evening make up one can use three or more main colours. The colours should be in shades of light, medium and dark.

Apply the lightest colour on the whole of your eyelid especially underneath your eyebrows and in the inner corner of your eyes, this will serve the purpose of a highlighter. The medium shade can be applied to the crease of your eye and must be blended in well with a blending brush. Now apply the darkest colour to the outer corner of your eye and blend to the crease of your eyes.

You can also apply the darker colours on your lower lash line for a more dramatic evening look.

Evening make up

Evening Eye Make Up


Use a liquid eyeliner/cake eyeliner to line the top if your eyelids. Now use a cake eyeliner/pencil eyeliner and line the lower lid below the eyelashes. Line only the outer two-thirds of the lower lid, or all the way across if you’re trying to achieve a darker look. Blend with a small blending brush to achieve a nighttime look.


Apply two-three coats of mascara to your upper lashes and one coat of mascara on your lower lashes.


For a evening look you can choose bold, bright or even nude colors. Use a lip liner to line your lips and then apply lipstick to achieve a beautiful bold full lip. (Remember to carry your lipstick in your purse for in case you need a touch-up later in the evening.)

Tip: To make your eyes pop use a white/silver shimmer or even a pencil and apply it in the inner corner of your eyes and beneath your eyebrows.

Thanks once again to Jenine Grobler for giving us some amazing make up tips. I hope that you look dazzling on your night out! If you want to find out more about Jenine’s work, go give her a follow on Instagram… I promise you that you’ll be blown away by her work!

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Happy Tuesday!



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