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How To Get The Perfect Wedding Skin: Blog Post 3

Perfect Wedding Skin

Wedding skin:

Five months before the big day



So, it’s month five before your big day… this is exciting, but also really nerve-wrecking. I would like to discuss everything that should be happening in month five leading up to your big day, but the I would probably end up writing a thesis. So, let’s focus mostly on skin and overall internal health today. As a grown woman you have probably always taken good care of your skin (well I hope so, otherwise we’ll need a good talk), every bride wants to be extra radiant and glowing on their big day so in this blog post, I will be giving you all the relevant pointers in order to continue your journey to perfect wedding skin.


In this month I would advise you to visit your salon (obviously I recommend a stockist of Nimue) and receive two treatments, each treatment should be done two weeks apart. There are two treatments that I would like to discuss in this post, however the one you choose would mostly depend on what your biggest skin concern is.

If you have problematic skin and struggle with some spots and open pores you need to go for two TCA 7.5% treatment two weeks apart from one another. This treatment helps to remove build-up of dead skin cells due to the fact that if you have a problematic skin you do tend to have more dead skin cell on the surface of your skin. When you remove these dead skin cells, your products penetrate easier, making them more productive enhancing the rejuvenation process.

If you have environmentally damaged skin you need to receive two Glycolic treatments. This treatment instantly improves your skins overall appearance as it balances out skin texture, promotes hydration and plumps out your fine lines and wrinkles on your face. This treatment also enhances product penetration and will optimise your skins health program.

I also assume you are using you home care religiously and in this month we will do this step extra at home. This month I would recommend you to use a mask on your face twice a week, after exfoliation. If you have a problematic skin, you can use the Nimue Clarifying Mask and then very second week you can use the Nimue Glycol Mask. These home treatments should only be done in the week you have not received for the TCA 7.5% treatment. If you have an environmentally damaged skin you can opt for the Nimue Anti-Aging leave on mask, and you should do this twice a week.


Your skin will probably be feeling smooth and healthy with the twice a month exfoliation you are doing at the moment. This feeling can be quite addictive, I am sure you will be keeping this up for a long time after the wedding. For now I would recommend you to continue to exfoliate twice a month with your Matsimela Scrub of choice and continue to moisturise your skin daily with your favourite Matsimela body butter.


By now your hair should be soft, shiny and strong after the natural mask and salon mask you had done. In this month I want you to just add one more step. You need to make an appointment with your hairdresser and have an in-salon treatment done that she recommends for your specific hair type and condition. This won’t just treat your hair, it will treat your soul giving you some relaxing time to pamper yourself. 


Treat and maintain your nails every three weeks to a non-toxic and non-damaging gel overlay. Keeping your nails (I would say) still short-ish (this prevents your nails from breaking badly before the wedding.) In this month you should maybe try out a colour or style that you have in mind for your wedding day. This will make the decision so much easier when you actually have to make a choice for your big day!


Continue with your 2 folic acids daily and your multi vitamin. If you are feeling a bit tired go for a run or spend an extra few minutes in the gym… Exercise actually really makes you feel energised and less stressed. Your biggest problem will probably be just to get yourself in the gym. I know that is what I struggle with!

Just a tip: Remember to also spend some quality time with your Hubby-to-be, I know things might be so stressful and intense at this stage of planning a wedding. However it is absolutely necessary to spend time with one another that involves things other than cake tasting, table placings or wedding vows… so DO NOT talk about the wedding on your date night, give yourselves a much deserved break and just relax!

I hope that my advise can help you in any way, big or small. Also remember that I am writing this blog post series out of my own experiences. So not everything that I did in the six months leading up to my wedding day will work for you, but it should serve as a guideline to help make your big day perfect!

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Happy Friday Future Brides!



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