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One for the Gentlemen.

Men's Skin Care

So I’ve only been giving attention to the ladies on the Adara blog. However, today I have decided to do one for the gents. In this blog post, I will be discussing the Nimue man range, for the men who really do care about their skin.

Nimue man is a result driven, user friendly, sophisticated home skin care system for men… especially those with busy lifestyles.

As you all know I am a Huge Fan of Nimue Skin Care as it just so happens that I love to recommend the men’s range to all my male clients. 

I do believe men should look after their skin just as much as women do. Men’s skin tend to be a bit more oily and prone to blackheads. The Nimue skin care range targets this as well as aging.

We all know men are lazy when it comes to self pampering, that is why Nimue made it easy for men with only 5 products.

Face Care for Men

Phyto-gel wash, this is a dual-function deep cleansing facial wash. This wash aids exfoliation, promoting the skin cell turnover and balances the ph levels of the skin. The phyto gel can also be used as a shaving gel for a close comfortable shave. Massage this product onto damp skin in the morning and the evening, rinse from skin, making sure no product is left on skin.

Hydro balance is a daily treatment facial moisturizer that protects the skin form irritation caused by shaving and aid in skin moisture retention and smooths skin texture. This product should be applied to skin after using the phyto gel wash.

Treatment after shave balm should be applied to skin after shaving. Its soothing, antibacterial and healing. It also hydrates and revitalise skin after shaving.

Nimue Man Lip care is also one of my favourite products to use even if I am a girl. It a amazing lip treatment if you struggle with dry lips and it has a matte finish #manly. It also protects your  from environmental factors such as UV rays and extreme heat and cold.

SPF 40 is also a much needed product in your daily routine as this product protects your from the most harsh environmental factor: the sun. Men tend to be active and exposed to the sun quite often so they need the appropriate protection.  This Is a light weight, non-oily sun protecting cream that also has anti aging benefits. Perfect for sports days as well as every day use.

I believe that men should take charge of their skin, it might not be as problematic as female skin, but you have to love the skin you’re in… this means treating your skin in the right way  to prevent aging or problematic skin.

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