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Nimue AI Product Review: Day and Night Cream

Nimue Age Intelligence

Nimue AI Product Review: Day and Night Cream


Today’s post is all about the Nimue AI range. In a previous post I did a product review on the Nimue Eye and Face Serum. You can read more about that here. This post will be all about the review on the newly released Age Intelligence Day and Night Cream. Not only does this post feature my personal review, but also the review of a client of mine whom agreed to share with us here experience with the Nimue AI Range.

Firstly I want to recap on what Omics had to say:

This is a study done to see the various changes within the skin and to determine what these changes are and their causes. This was done so we know how and what to treat to create a product that will give you optimum results on your skin. Do yourself a favour and give this video a watch, it will provide a more in depth explanation into the concept of the Nimue AI range.

AI Day and Night Cream.

The Omics based Active in this product is:

  • Chicory Root extract (repair and moisturize)
  • Hydrolised Myrtle Leaf Extract (for cellular longevity)
  • Calendula Flower Extract (increased skin elasticity)

These actives are delivered into the skin with the Polarised water and Liposomal delivery systems with takes these active into the deeper layers of the skin for them to give you optimal results.



Firstly, I want to share my own experience with the Nimue AI Day and Night Cream.

AI Day Cream

When I started using this Day cream I could definitely feel an increase in the moisture levels of my skin and my skin felt softer and smoother. This product also boosted my natural barrier function (this protects your skin form external factors such as wind, heat and dust) also after using this product for only a few days my skin looked less fatigued and my skin tone seems more even. This product is definitely suitable for problematic skin types as well.

AI Day Cream

AI Day Cream

AI Night Cream

I personally don’t like the feel of a heavy night cream in my skin, as I always this that it will make my skin feel more oily, this night cream however does not give you that thick oily feeling. It is a light weight night cream that feels like silk on your skin. And when wake up in the morning my skin still feels moisturized. I sometimes wonder if this product wasn’t formulated with an oily problematic skin in mind.

AI Night Cream

AI Night Cream


Client Product Review


“Dear Daniella,

It is a privilege to provide you with feedback on the new Age-Intelligent Nimue Range.

As you know, my skin is my pride, but I am of the view that this product was a necessity for more mature skin in the Nimue range.

I found the product to be super absorbent, non-greasy and lightweight on one’s skin. It tightens and lifts the skin, which gives your skin firmness without visible wrinkles and less puffiness. After using the product for a while, my skin shouts for more hydration and for that reason, I added cell hydrating complex to the range. In my mind the one area you should look at, is the neck. This is the one area that always reflects the real age of a woman.

If one consider the price of the dour products, it should be financial sustainable to maintain your skin with said four products, which it doesn’t do, as you have to support the AI range with various other products for optimal results. This is a major concern, as most women start to cut back on the products they use on their skin if they need do so.

Henriette Coetzee”

I hope this post has given you some clarity on the Nimue AI Day and Night Cream and how beneficial it is to your skin!

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Happy Tuesday.





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