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Nimue 12 Week Challenge

Nimue 12 Week Challenge

12 Weeks, 16 Nimue products and 4 in-salon treatments is all you need to go foundation free.

According to Nimue the 12 week challenge is inspired by the #NoMakeUp trend that is gaining momentum in popular culture. The Nimue 12 Week Challenge demonstrates how our highly effective and scientifically formulated products help women achieve the skin results they desire, so they feel confident enough not to have to wear foundation every day. After all, flawless skin is all the make-up you need!

Using the 12 Week kit tailored to your specific skin classification, 4 professional treatments and the wisdom of your skin therapist, the Nimue 12 Week Challenge will transform your skin and reveal a renewed complexion.

In week 13 you will have the confidence to go foundation-free. Your skin will speak for itself.

So now that you know what the Nimue 12 Week Challenge is all about, you probably want to know how to get your hands on it. Firstly you will need to visit any salon that is a Nimue stockist. You can locate a stockist on the Nimue website right HERE!

Step 1: Skin Analysis

Firstly you would need to visit one of the participating salons for a skin analysis. This is just to determine which 12 week challenge is suitable for your skin. When receiving your skin analysis, your therapist will provide you with one of the following Nimue 12 week kits:

  • Environmentally Damaged
  • Hyperpigmented
  • Problematic or Interactive
Step 2: Purchase your Nimue 12 Week Challenge kit

Participating salons will have these kits in stock, if not they can simply order your kit and you’ll be well on your way to a foundation free face!

Step 3: Start the challenge

Use the products as per the instructions from your skin therapist and attend the 4 professional treatments at the recommended intervals. I strongly recommend that you follow the instructions to the ’T’. As you progress, you will start to see visible changes.

Step 4: Before and After photos

Upload your Before and After pictures to see your progress here. Or share your journey and experiences with us and other 12 Week participants on the Adara and Nimue social media platforms.

Step 5: Foundation Free Skin

In your 13th week after using the Nimue 12 week challenge you will be confident enough to go foundation free!

So there you go, as easy as that. I hope that some of you will join in this challenge and experience the amazing Nimue products.

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Happy Tuesday!




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