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Night Time Beauty Routine

Nighttime Routine

I know it is extremely annoying, spending an extra 30 minutes on your nighttime routine, when all you want to do is get in bed and sleep. However, no one is getting younger, and everyday that you forget leave your make up on, or forget to apply good moisturisers, you age more externally, than you normally would. Many dermatologists have labeled the 20s and mid 30s as your pre-aging years. These are the years where you could still prevent wrinkles and premature aging.

We know that there are multiple aspects that causes extreme (external) aging. First and foremost, I cannot stress enough that PREVENTION is the best medicine for aging. So if you’re a smoker… QUIT! Smoking is bad for your body in so many ways, and it also speeds up your aging process. Then, my favourite thing to tell my clients. REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN, come rain or shine you better apply your sunscreen in the morning. If the UV rays can’t penetrate the sunscreen layer, then your almost certainly preventing premature aging.

Today’s post will discuss the nighttime routine that needs to be followed in order to maintain healthy and youthful looking skin.

Makeup Removal

Your eye area is host to the most sensitive skin on your face and is also this first area to show aging. Avoid having to scrub and tug at this gentle area by using a dissolving eye makeup remover and cotton pad, few makeup removing wipes are saturated with enough product to be effective in this way.


Regular skin cleansing is critical when it comes to maintaining healthy looking skin. In this post I will discuss the importance of cleansing daily, with a little bit of insight of why using the Nimue cleansing gel is your best option.

The most obvious reason for adding cleansing to your nighttime routine, is to remove build up. During the day you encounter thousands of different bacteria, and I know it sounds really gross, but imagine going to sleep without cleansing… you’re basically creating a breeding ground for bacteria on your pillowcase. YUK!


This is one of the most important step in your nighttime routine. It is essential for balancing the skins pH and prepping skin for all of the ingredients and formulas that follow. After cleansing, pat your skin dry with a clean towel, apply the toner with a cotton-pad or gauze, I prefer gauze, because the rough texture removes all the dead skin cells from the face, leaving it radiant and smooth.


The Nimue AI Eye Serum… For me this is the best serum on the market. The censorial effect captured me from the very first application. After using this particular eye cream for only a few days I could see a great improvement around my eyes. The eye serum had an immense tightening, lifting and hydrating effect on the skin around my eyes. You can read more about the Nimue Eye Serum here.

Then there’s the Nimue AI Face Serum is to keep your skin soft, nurtured and hydrated. You can read more about this product here.

However the type of serum that you use is completely up to you, as different problems require different serums. A good rule of thumb is to focus more on hydration and regeneration with your nighttime formula, while sticking with a Vitamin C or antioxidant-rich option during the day.


Adding this step to your nighttime routine is also purely up to you. I would not recommend it to people who struggle with oily skin. However, you can always consult your beauty therapist to figure out what might work for you. Applying an oil overnight will enable the skin to combat the overproduction of sebum and pore clogging oil that leads to the breakouts, blackheads, and enlarged pores of combination and oily skin. Dry and sensitive skin will also greatly benefit from the additional moisture.

So basically this post should’ve convinced you to look after your skin, not only by cleansing and moisturising… but also by feeding it with the nutrients it may need, and APPLYING SUNSCREEN!

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Happy Friday!


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