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New Year Resolution: Bring on 2017!

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Hello from Adara!

My New years Resolution is one that should be on everyone’s resolution list.

In 2017 I vow to take care of my emotional and physical self. Not only do I want to love the skin I am in, I want to feel comfortable in my own body again. My first step will be to take charge of my skin, I will continue to follow my Nimue home care routine. I will also be doing monthly skin treatments, such as the Nimue SRC treatment. This dynamic duo of home care and in-salon treatments, has completely transformed my skin. I know if I continue with these treatments, I will need the confidence boost to be the happiest that I can be in this new year. 

If you have read my previous blog on how certain foods affect your skin and overall health… you will know that eating healthy means healthy skin. This is why I have decided to take into consideration to what I feed into my body. If I eat healthy, not only will I see change in my skin, but also across the whole ‘Daniella’.

What I want to make clear to everyone, is that I will not be going on a diet… I will be transforming my current lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle! And YES, there is a major difference. Once one starts to follow a diet, you have entered a mindset that forces you to mostly be negative, as it is almost certain that human nature wants to do what they are not allowed. So if you say you can’t eat bread, or a chocolate because your on a diet… You immediately want to eat bread, with chocolate on!

For this reason, I have decided to shift to a healthier mindset, where I can eat in moderation. Obviously most of the food that I feed my body will be healthy, mostly green veggies and healthy white meat proteins and I will definitely be reducing any alcohol intake this year, maybe one glass of red wine a week, but nothing more. However, if I really can’t fight the urge of eating a chocolate, I will consider eating a bloc or two dark chocolate (try to keep to 70% cacao or more, as this chocolate will not have as many added sugars).

Okay, enough about diets… Since I am not a dietitian! I want to emphasise that eating healthy is not the only thing to keep a healthy lifestyle. I have vowed that in 2017 I will exercise regularly, due to the fact that once you start exercising, you boost your energy levels as well as your metabolism… The exercise will help me get through the busy days of 2017, if you have a healthy mind, physical and emotional health comes almost naturally!

Lastly and most importantly, I will take care of myself emotionally. To make time for myself at least once a week to just reflect on life and what I can still do to make sure I achieve my long term goals and my goals for 2017.

Visit the Adara beauty clinic page (https://www.instagram.com/adarabeautyclinic/) to follow my progress for 2017!


I hope that you have found this post inspiring, and that you will take care of yourself in 2017! 

Until Friday! Stay healthy!



Edited by Tamen de Lange

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