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How To Get a Natural Make Up Look

Natural Make Up Look

Today we are once again teaming up with Make up Magician, Jenine Grobler to give you some quick tips on how to achieve the ‘Natural Make-up’ look. Jenine has constructed the natural make up look into seven easy steps (Thank goodness for people like her, blessing us with all her make up knowledge). So here it goes:

1. Prep you skin:

To ensure that your makeup blends in easily‚ first wash with a cleanser and gently exfoliate your face to remove dead skin.

2. Natural Make up Foundation:

For a Natural make up look BB Creams are perfect. If you prefer more coverage you can use a foundation and concealer to hide away any blemishes or problem skin. Make sure to use the right amount for that natural look.

3. Cheeks:

To give your skin that natural flush, use a blusher or a bronzer. Apply this on your cheekbones and where the sun naturally hits your face, around your forehead and cheeks.

4. Eyebrows:

Choose a brow colour that is the same shade as your eyebrow colour. You can use a eyebrow powder instead of a pencil to get a natural brow look. After filling your eyebrows use a brush to comb through your eyebrows to make sure all colours are blended in. For more info on how to get the perfect brow, read Jenine’s DIY guide to GREAT brows.

5. Natural Make up Eye-shadow:

When choosing an eye-shadow, rather opt for natural colours such as browns and peaches that are a shade or two darker than your skin colour. Apply the eye-shadow into the creases of your eyes and along the lower lashes. The eye-shadow doesn’t have to be applied perfectly and should have no sharp lines

6. Luscious lips:

Choose a shade that matches your natural lip colour. Try nudes and natural pinks. To get that extra “natural look” dab some lip-gloss onto your lips.

7. Lashes:

Last but not least. LASHES!! Apply an even amount of mascara onto your lashes and some on your lower lash line. Remember not to apply too much coats otherwise your lashes will have a spider lash/clumpy effect.


Extra tip:
If you don’t have an oily skin and love a dewy finish dab some moisturiser on your cheeks to give it that fresh faced look.

If you want to find out more about Jenine’s work, go give her a follow on Instagram… I promise you that you’ll be blown away by her work!

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Happy Tuesday!



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