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Matsimela Scrub and Exfoliation Station

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Matsimela Exfoliation Station 

The Matsimela home spa range consists of three types of full body scrubs that have different effects on the skin and in this blog post I will discuss these three scrubs.

Sugar scrub.

Firstly there is the the sugar scrub. This exfoliator is only available in one flavour which is the baobab. This product is perfectly fitting for sensitive skin types. This exfoliator is a combination of A grade mineral oils and fragranced essential oils. The boabab sugar scrub is mainly used to exfoliate and moisturise dry skin.

Kalahari salt scrub.

Secondly, and also the talk of the town, is the Kalahari salt scrub. This exfoliator consists of pure and au’ natural Kalahari salts which is used to exfoliate dry skin, this exfoliator is also extremely moisturising. In this product there is pure natural Kalahari salts. This is a decadent blend of fragrance and essential oils in a cosmetic grade A mineral oil enriched with jojoba oil. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple. The rough texture of the salts stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. This exfoliator is excellent for an overall body exfoliation.

Mud scrub.

Lastly but definitely not the least there is the Matsimela exfoliating mud scrub… What? Mud scrub? This is a unique product, basically in its own category. Not only is this product super exfoliating and moisturising. It can be left on the skin to act as a penetrative mask, which speeds up cell regeneration. The small particles make for a smooth and polished exfoliation, this product can even be applied on your face as an exfoliation mask. Great, I know! This mask/exfoliator/product from heaven is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on the Matsimela exfoliating products, right? 

For more information on Matsimela home spa products visit the Adara website or the Matsimela website at https://www.matsimela.co.za



Edited by Tamen de Lange 


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