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MakeUp for Special Occasions

Special Occasion Makeup

First and most importantly the tip for the perfect makeup application is to make sure your skin is hydrated. If you take care of your skin your skin will take care of you. So make sure to pamper your skin the night before your big event. 

Applying Foundation:

For those of you who don’t know the difference between concealer and foundation, here is a simple explanation. A foundation is the product that you apply across the whole facial area to even out skin tone. Whereas a concealer is the product that is used to cover more significant blemishes such as dark circles. If you feel the need to apply a concealer before the foundation, here is a basic guide on what to use: 

  • green concealer on red marks
  • orange concealer on dark circles 
  • purple concealer on pigmentation marks.

Apply an even layer of your foundation to the entire face, and be sure to thoroughly blend your foundation into your hairline and under the jaw line.

Foundation Setting:

After the foundation application, it is time to set the foundation. The best product (according to me) is a translucent powder, as it does not affect the colour of the foundation. I also prefer to also use a loose translucent powder, as it does not stick to your face as a set powder does. So if you’re make up decides to smudge during the day, you can easily fix and re-apply to the necessary area.

Apply a thin layer of your foundation to the eyelid area only. ( Eyes first and face later)

Eye MakeUp:

Now you can start with your base colour eye shadow, I prefer a light rose colour just to get started. Now you can apply your darker colour to the crease of your eyelid, in this case (photo) I decided to go with shades of rusty brown, honey and neutral colours. Apply the neutral colours below this brown crease and the honey colour to the inside corner of your eye. Make sure to blend this eye shadow to make sure the are no prominent lines.

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup


After blending this you can now perfect your brows with brow eye shadow, the eye shadow give you a more natural look rather than using a brow pencil. Now to finish the eye off you use a black liquid liner on the top lid, make sure you make it nice and thin, and a black pencil liner on the lower lid 2/3rd’s from the outside. Now just your mascara and your eyes are done.


For a evening look you can choose bold, bright or even nude colors. Use a lip liner to line your lips and then apply lipstick to achieve a beautiful bold full lip. (Remember to carry your lipstick in your purse for in case you need a touch-up later in the evening.)

Lastely apply some bronzer to your outer cheekbone and peachy blush on your apple cheek. This give your skin tone some highlights and makes your skin look glowing.

Now you can practice to become your own makeup artist and surprise everyone with your professional-looking makeup.

For a more in depth look on formal makeup, visit our previous blog post, Evening Makeup at home, written together with makeup guru Jenine Grobler.

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Until Friday beauties, have a great week!




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