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Make Up Guide for Beginners: 2018 Trends

Make Up 2018

So, we all know how it feels when you put your make up on for a girls night out… to yourself you look pretty O.K, on a make up scale from Courtney Love to Kim K, your about a Lindsey Lohan. Then those photos of the night before start to air all over social media, and suddenly you look like you just joined KISS and had a (way too early) mid-life crisis.

Well luckily for all of us, the contouring, blending, loads of make up trend will be leaving us in 2018. THANK GOODNESS, because I could never really seem to get it right. In 2018 we are welcoming the ‘Less is More’ look. Great news for your wallet right? 

Since we are vastly approaching the winter months, I felt that it would be best to discuss these trends. I know this is the time where many women and girls feel that they can stick on ALL their make up, because there’s no sweat involved, so STICK EM’ on girls… Well if you’re one of these girls, sorry, this trend has left the building.

According to Vogue Magazine, the following trends are a MUST for winter:

The ‘Bare Faced’ Trend:


Skin is forever in, but this season it’s all about the prep. Rather than reaching for those heavy make up foundations, concealers and powders, instead spend time layering moisturisers, primers and strobe creams to give a truly healthy radiance to your complexion.

Make Up Trend: Power Lips


Natural eyes and a power lip, will definitely be the power couple (in make up) of 2018. With many eyes drawn on the amplified conversation around women empowerment to inform their collections, it’s no surprise that the power lip will make it’s debut again this year.

Super Lashes


If you’re going to wear mascara, wear a lot of it. Fluttering lashes were the focus of the ultra-feminine beauty looks on the runway this year. So away with the heavy eye shadow and cat liners, but be sure to make those lashes pop. In 2018 we will be seeing more literal takes on the classic Sixties eye, paired with glowing skin and a dab of lip balm to keep the look modern.

Paintbox Brights


If you feel like you won’t be able to leave eye shadow behind this year, well there’s a 2018 trend for you too. According to Vogue, you shouldn’t be dulling it down this autumn, rather opt for a bright colours and eyeliners to match! Special mention goes to hot pink, yellows and greens – theses hues were also seen most on the runway this season. 

I hop that you haven’t freaked out completely after reading into the new trends. Also remember, you don’t always have to follow the trends, if you feel like you want to Kim K through this year, then do you girl! We are all beautiful in our own ways, so embrace your beauty the way you feel best!

Happy Friday Girls!

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