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Love the skin you’re in

I was thinking about my next post and what I should write about, then suddenly Kim Kardashian’s contoured face popped into my thoughts. The way in which celebrities has taught society to be deceptive in our appearance in order to fit in is kind of sickening. I decided that I would like to convey a message to all women in this post today… You are beautiful, you are not what you wear (some might differ with this statement) but I want all women to LOVE THE SKIN THEY’RE IN!

So today’s post will be about loving yourself unconditionally, for who you are, not for who you’re make up kit makes you out to be. Unfortunately we live in a world that as taught us to love ourselves based on our appearance, young girls nowadays compare themselves to those girls they see on social media and that is now the standard beauty measurement… How well your eyebrows are drawn, how sharp the liner of your cat eye is, how well you contour… I could go on for ever, but ultimately that face comes off at night, and then you should ask yourself. Do you really love you? 

I was a victim of this cruel world where social media is the standard measure of beauty, I was always so afraid of what people might think when they saw me without make up. Well, needless to say, only my family and close friends ever saw me without ‘my face’. Mainly because I had hideous acne, so not only did I not have self-confidence, I also had to deal with this skin problem that felt like it was never going to leave my side.

I’m not saying that I have been without make up completely, but I have been applying in moderation, make up does not consume my morning routine anymore. Now I simply choose whether I feel like wearing make-up or not. Because I found a product that made it possible for me to truly love myself for the real me.

Nimue transformed my skin from Acne-ugly to radiant and healthy. I was never comfortable with my natural appearance, I always felt uncomfortable in my own skin. However, Nimue not only gave me healthy skin. It was so much more than just my skin. I was finally able to love the skin that I was in. I felt confident being me.

Back to the acne… I was trying every home remedy, every doctor-advised product and nearly every supermarket brand you could think of. Nothing worked. I have told you the story of how I was introduced to Nimue, well this was kind of a big deal, since it changed my life (for the better). My skin has never been this radiant and healthy, EVER!

I want to inform you about my skincare routine because if I can be the influence of another woman choosing to love herself, I will do it gladly! Not only do I use the Nimue range at home, in salon I do monthly acne treatments. My favourite treatment at the moment is the Nimue SRC treatment for environmentally damaged skin. Basically this treatment goes below the surface of your skin and repairs it from the inside out.

I also have a home routine which includes almost all the Nimue products, so here it follows:

  • AM : Cleansing gel, Conditioner, Nimue day, Tinted SPF 40(light), Nimue Pro Age Foundation
  • PM: Cleansing gel, Conditioner, super hydrating serum Purifier, Anti-Age Eye Cream.
  • Twice weekly: Exfoliating enzyme, Glyco mask/ Anti-ageing leave on mask
  • Additives: Hydro lip therapy, Vitamin C Moisture mist, Vita Boost

The secret to great skin is to stick to your routine (every single day), NEVER sleep with your make up on, exfoliate regularly, get enough sleep and always treat your body well. In my next post I will be discussing how a diet can influence your skin. So keep an eye open for that, you might just find it very interesting and helpful!

Lastly, I hope you have found this post inspiring, and I want to do a call on all women reading this post. Tonight when you go home, take your make-up off (I know you might be feeling a bit vulnerable, but it’s okay) and tell yourself you look beautiful, and that you will love yourself unconditionally from now onward with or without make-up.

LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN LADIES, you’re beautiful!



Edited by Tamen de Lange




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