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Love the Nimue skin you’re in.


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Today’s blog post will feature an introduction to the Nimue skin care brand and how this product has had an absolute life-changing effect on my skin. There is a saying that goes, “You are going to be in your skin for a long time, you might as well get comfortable and enjoy it”. Nimue has not only made this possible for me, but for so many of Adara’s clients.

For those of you who do not know me yet, I would like to take a moment and introduce myself (again). I am Daniella Johst, owner of Adara Beauty clinic and Nimue fanatic. And as a beauty therapist that deals with clients whom fall victim to many concerning skin problems, I have seen the best results when using the Nimue product range.

So what is Nimue you might ask? Nimue is a proudly South African skin care brand that uses a “simplistic three phase system which is based on the core prescription homecare and professional of phase 1 – Basics, phase 2 – Actives and phase 3 – Active Treatments. By following this system, Nimue effectively treats the skin within the deeper layers resulting in a healthier skin”. Their philosophy is that the Nimue approach is result-orientated to ensure that both the Skin Treatment Professional and client alike are able to experience skin excellence through the use of the Nimue product range. Not only does Nimue focus on developing top of the range skin care products, they have also recently released the Nimue app, which keeps the client and skin fanatic in the loop of what’s hip and happening in the Nimue world.

So back to my personal experience, and this may seem like a cliché tall story, but unfortunately I had to share my teenage years with the presence of grade two acne spread across my face. I was starting to lose all confidence in myself and the many skin care products that had made my bathroom cupboard their new home. Like many other acne victims, I had made peace with the fact that my skin was no longer my own and that I had a lifelong partner…until one day, two years ago, I was approached by a Nimue representative, being under the influence of acne for so long, I was very sceptical about this new product. I then realised that there was no harm in trying one more product, maybe it will result in a successful skin story, and so it did. After only four weeks of using Nimue, I could start seeing an immaculate difference. I was in awe of this product, not only was it absolutely affordable but how could something that I, at that stage, knew nothing about have such a big impact on my skin. And six months later, voila, I had clear skin. I truly believe in the power of Nimue and that is why, since day one I have religiously used Nimue and encouraged my clients to do the same. After introducing Nimue in my salon, it has become clear that, not only has Nimue transformed my skin and given me the confidence to be ME, but it has given so many Adara clients the confidence to love the skin they’re in, and this for me is a victory on its own.

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