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The Launch of the Nimue AI range

The Nimue AI range.


I am so happy to introduce the new Nimue Age Intelligent Range at Adara Beauty Clinic as from today. It was just launched this week and I am just so excited to start seeing the results on my client’s skins.

‘The Nimue Age Intelligent Range is a prestigious, high performance range with a smart and futuristic treatment approach that taps into scientific advances and technologies to meet the needs of the skin and influence the skin health positively. ‘

This is the philosophy behind the new AI Range, and I must tell you from just receiving training on this amazing new brand and am so fired up to start using this new technology. Nimue is a leader in the Skincare industry but with this new range it will boost theme far ahead of their competitors.

Everyone knows I am the biggest Nimue Fan you can get out there but let me give you some more info on the new range that will definitely entice your mind and get you as excited as I am about it.

Nimue did a study on the aging process and found that ageing process is not only influenced by genes but is also by your life story and by your lifestyle. Some of us might lead similar lifestyles but none of us have the same life story. Your life story can include trauma, joy and sickness for instance and this can have a part in of you age faster or slower.

Then they formulated a new range in conjunction with OMICS. Omics refers to a field of study in biology ending in –omics, such as genomics (which responses are possible in DNA), transcriptonomics(What is more probable in RNA), proteomics(What actually happen to proteins) or metabolomics(Functions of proteins). It is also a study of various changes within the skin and to determine what these changes are and their causes.
The benefits of this research and OMICS included in this AI Range are as follow:

1. Younger perceived age
2. Natural DNA Repair
3. Longevity
4. Restructuring
5. Environmental control and protection
6. Better cell communication

Omics could be the answer of the next skin generation. So remember this word OMICS and remember that Nimue Skin Technology introduced you to this amazing life changing concept and gave you a younger perceived age.

In this AI Range includes a Day cream, night cream, face serum and eye serum. These products are prestigious, high performance products and taps into scientific advances. They have been clinically tested and have achieved amazing results in these tests. They also use innovative technologies, hybrid delivery systems and award winning ingredients.

In my next two blogs I will be discussing the products individually and don’t hesitate to pop into the salon for some more information on this exclusive new AI Range.


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