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Say hello to your new best friend… Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment at Adara.

So ladies, we all know how extremely annoying shaving is… Yes, we know to have to shave your legs at least three times a week can be extremely vexatious, to have make sure your underarms are clean shaven everyday iss such a hassle and sometimes we have that little ‘stache’ (it’s not movember and we’re not guys) so there’s no need for lip hair ladies. Well today I want to introduce to you something called High Intensity Pulsed Light also known as Laser Treatment, this is the best type of laser to use as it is a pain free system (I will refer to this as HIPL).

Not only is laser treatment the BEST alternative for shaving those unwanted, unattractive dark hairs, it can also be used for a variety of treatments such as mentioned below. The laser treatments that are included in the HIPL system menu is:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Vascular (Facial) Treatment
  • Pigmentation Treatment
  • Acne Treatment
Let’s start off with the most popular treatment, Hair Removal:
  • Active’s unique Hair Removal procedure is adjusted to the individual skin and hair type. The high intensity flash light penetrates the epidermis, absorbed and assimilated in the hair bulbous region and acts as an inhibitor to the hair follicle through temperature rise and coagulation
Secondly there is Skin rejuvenation:
  • Active’s devices offer incomparable efficiency in Facial Skin Rejuvenation treatments. The immediate effect, of the light energy emitted into the dermis, is to unwind the existing collagen bundles and induce the growth of new collagen fibers, resulting in the improvement of skin structure.
Thirdly we have Vascular (facial) Treatment:
  • Active’s Broad-Spectrum wavelengths are absorbed in the hemoglobin of the clotted blood that forms the spider web like look. The light energy shakes the structure of the RBC layer, Breaks it, and enables the removal process of the phenomenon.
Then there’s Pigmentation Treatment:
  • Active developed a novel laser treatment procedure for the removal of Age and Pigmentation spots. By emitting a series of predetermined high energy light flashes over the spots, the dark pigment clusters break apart and the fading out process starts.
Lastly but not the least there is Acne Laser Treatment:
  • Active’s researchers have developed a practical and fast method for treating the annoying Acne pimples. “Acne Vulgaris” develops following the enhanced presence of the “P. Acne” Bacteria. A pre-determined high energy light starts a Photo Excitation Process that is proved to be fatal for the bacteria.

It will also be satisfying to know that you will see almost instant, excellent results with the minimum amount of discomfort.

For more information on the Laser Treatment Process please visit the Adara Beauty Clinic website. Also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for more secrets of the industry!



Edited by: Tamen de Lange

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