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How to keep your brow game strong!

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How to get the perfect brows.

Let’s face it ladies, we all want those perfect eyebrows. It just what we need to frame our face. I know when I have perfect eyebrows I feel more confident, like I can face the day headstrong.
So here is a guide on how to keep your brow game strong in four easy steps:

  • I use the Essence cosmetics Brow Kit to make me look brow-tastic! The great thing about this product, is that it is absolutely affordable at totally user friendly. (They even include brow stencils to make it easier)
  1. Tame those brows!

    Whether you want your brows to look structured and precise, or wild and unruly, brushing your brows is the most important step. I like using a smaller brush then I can be more precise.

  2. Shape it!                                                           

    When choosing your brow shape take your facial shape into consideration. It is best to go to a salon and get a professional to shape your brows for you, as we already know what shape will suit you perfectly.

  3. Fill ’em up!

    Even when tinting your brows it is always better to fill it in when doing your make up as a fuller brow frames your face better. I prefer using an angle brush, which gives your eyes a heavier look.

  4. Now finish up.

    If you have brows like mine, they tend to not always behave, you need to use a fixing gel to keep them in place. This is my final step in my morning brow routine

Something to remember when going for a brow shape at a salon: After your shape you shouldn’t touch or apply make up to the area for the rest of the day, this is to prevent a rash or bumps from forming. This will happen if dirt enters the open follicles. So, just keep you skin clean for the rest of the day.

Let’s keep our brow game strong girls!

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