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Keep Your Hands Moisturised with Matsimela.

Keep your hands moisturised with Matsimela

Today’s post is quite a short one, mainly because Matsimela products make it so easy to care for yourself at home! This post will discuss Matsimela Home Spa products, and how easy they make it to keep your body moisturised. 

My hand story:

People often ask me how I maintain such soft hands and healthy looking hands in my industry. You know being exposed to harsh chemicals each day. That is because I am just as dedicated to taking care of my hands and feet as I am taking care of the rest of my body.

I must admit, my hands take a beating every day. My love for being in the garden and taking care of my succulents is the first punch my hands take. I also work as a Somatologist which means that I love doing nails. However it also means that my hands are exposed to rough surfaces and chemicals every day!

It doesn’t stop there, in my ‘me-time’ I enjoy to classify myself as an amateur musician and a moderate to great artist! This means that I don’t let my hands rest after hours either. Whilst playing guitar, my fingertips develop calluses and when I paint, my hands are exposed to harsh chemicals. So this means I really need a GREAT product to help me maintain such soft and healthy looking hands, and I had to look no further than the Matsimela home spa range.

This home spa range is as easy as 1 2 3…

My happy hand routine:


  • To prevent ‘hang nails’ I push back and cut my cuticles on a regular basis (Don’t cut your cuticles more than once a week, as you would’t want to over stimulate cuticle growth) .
  • I then scrub my hands with a Matsimela salt scrub at least once a week.
  • Once I get into bed I always treat my hands to moisture heaven with Matsimela cuticle oil, followed by Matsimela Body Butter.

It seems so easy, that’s because it is! 

This is all I have to do to keep my hands moisturised, happy and healthy. So what are you waiting for? Order your Matsimela Home Spa products online or visit Adara beauty clinic in Vanderbijlpark.

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Until Friday Beauties!




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