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How To Take Care of Winter Lips

Winter Lips

Care for your lips this winter…


Today’s post is a very short one, but a very important one. We all know how absolutely annoying the winter can be? It’s cold, it’s dry (in most places) and our skin suffers through the seasonal transition. That is why I chose to write about how to keep your lips soft and moisturised during the winter months.

Obviously I will recommend anything Nimue to everyone. So today I will particularly be recommending the Nimue Hydro Lip Balm. It’s absolutely amazing, and I know you think that I say this about all products in the Nimue range… but I really can’t find fault in any of their products. The Hydro Therapy is a lip balm that is scent and colour – free. So basically it’s unisex. 

Nimue Hydro Lip Therapy

Nimue Hydro Lip Therapy

Here are some tips on how to care for your lips in winter:


  • Scrub once a week, yes I know this may sound odd… but just like the rest of our body, we need to get rid of dead skin on the surface. However, try to use scrubs that are suitable for your lips, as the skin is more sensitive than the rest of your body!
  • HYDRATE! Like with everything else in our bodies, drinking water pretty much truly helps for everything!
  • Moisturise your lips… with GOOD moisturisers, some lip balms feel great when applied, however some brands are known to further dry out the lips. So if you can opt for the Nimue Hydro Lip Balm or something such as Bactroban Ointment, which can be bought over the counter at any local pharmacy.
  • Don’t lick or chew or peel your lips. It might seem that you do it naturally when your lips are dry, however you need to control the urge to do so. The saliva in your mouth actually takes the moisture out of your lips!
  • Last but not least, if you tend to wear a lot of lipstick, try to opt for a lipstick that acts as a moisturiser too.

I hope that you guys will have soft lips this winter, it’s one less thing to care about!

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