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How to Ease Your Skin Into Winter

Winter Skin Care

Winter is almost here and soon we will be feeling the effects. Uncomfortable dryness of the skin is the most common. And for some people the problem is worse than just a general tight dry feeling. The skin can get so dry that it results in flaking, cracking and even eczema. I would suggest you take care of these deadly sins by looking at W.I.N.T.E.R.

Worn winter hands and feet:

In winter time we tend to give less attention to our hands and feet. However this is just the time that most attention should be given. I would advise you to go for monthly manicures and pedicures to maintain condition of hands and feet. Adara Beauty Clinic offers paraffin treatments for both hands and feet which are extremely hydrating. Also use treatment cream in the evenings to moisturise the skin and regular foot filing will prevent painful cracking of heels.

Inappropriate exfoliation:

In the chilliness, winter usually makes our skin more sensitive. This happens because of the extreme cold air on our skin and the sensitivity is usually seen mostly on our cheeks. This is the time you should switch from you granular exfoliator, which makes your skin more sensitive, to your enzyme exfoliator, which is perfectly suited to your sensitive skin types. The enzyme exfoliator can be used biweekly and will give your skin the moisture and smoothness it needs.
The SKNLogic range, sold at Adara Beauty Clinic, is suited to sensitive skin types and has an excellent enzyme exfoliator.

Neglecting sunscreen use:

Some people are under the wrong presumption that winter sun is less potent than summer sun. This is not the case. The sun is actually getting more dangerous each year, causing premature aging. Adara Beauty Clinic offers an anti-aging facial with the SKNLogic range as well as a skin resurfacing treatment with extreme anti-aging results using PH-Formula. So please ladies continue to apply your sunscreen all year round and don’t forget to include your neck and décolleté in this application.

Too little moisture:

Just like you bundle up in the winter and change your wardrobe, you should also change your moisturiser to adapt to the coldness. Look for an oil-based moisturiser to give your skin the adequate protection it needs this winter.

Exposure to artificial heat:

Exposure to artificial heat (air cons and heaters) can dehydrate your skin extremely. Thus you should apply a hydrating mask biweekly. This should be done straight after exfoliation when your skin is purified and free of dead skin cells. The correct exfoliator and mask for your skin type biweekly is truly the secret to beautiful and healthy skin.


If you are resolute and diligent, your skin will become revitalised, healthy and glowing.

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