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How To Get The Perfect Wedding Skin: Blog Post 2

Wedding Skin

Wedding skin

Six months before the big day



AAAAHHH!! This is so exciting, to think in half a year you will be someone’s Mrs… I know exactly how exciting it is to cross the six month mark! So let’s get your skin picture perfect for your big day!

By now you should already be on the road to perfect wedding skin. In this blog post (Wedding Skin: Blog Post 2), I will discuss more in depth, the treatments that you should be looking to start. Six months before your big day, it seems so long, but in skin health, this is such a short period of time… so don’t waste any of it!

Your perfect wedding skin journey should be a fun aspect of the big day, as this is a big transformation, such as weight-loss or changing your hair style. So let’s start the six week blog off with facial care…

Face Care:

As a bride-to-be you should now be starting with in salon treatments. These treatments will help for both aging and problematic skin. The first treatment on the list should be the Nimue Active Rejuvenation treatment. This is a good treatment if your skin needs an instant boost and also reduces pore size (this will make your skin appear smoother). In these 6 months leading up to your big day, you will most likely also do an engagement shoot, therefore your skin needs to be in tip top shape, constantly!

As I mentioned in the previous wedding skin blog post, you should be following your already established home skincare regime religiously! If you follow your home care regime, you will be able to better and maintain your skin’s condition, together with Adara’s recommended treatments. Remember to also exfoliate twice a week, this will ensure that products and treatments penetrate the skins epidermal layer. This is just a fancy way of saying that the products are working underneath the skin.

Body Skin Care:

For the rest of your body, I prefer to use Matsimela Home Spa Products. The Matsimela Home Spa Kit, makes it so easy to maintain your skin at home (it’s also really cheap). All you need to do is: choose your favourite Matsimela flavour and products… go home, pamper yourself and RELAX!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take time to relax. The journey leading up to your big day should be fun and exciting and you should take time to look after yourself! Matsimela Home Spa makes this possible in the comfort of your own home. I would recommend to scrub twice a week, followed by a thorough application of moisturising body butter.

Hair Care:

Unless you are going ‘au naturale’, you will probably visit your hairdresser for some colour treatments. Colour treatments can be very harsh on your hair so it is also very important to keep your hair healthy and strong to protect it. So once in this month you should do a natural mask on your hair like mayonnaise (intense moisture mask) the one other time you can do an in-salon mask. I would recommend consulting your hairdresser on which hair treatments are best suited for your hair. My hair magician advised me to start using protein based products to help protect my hair from the colouring process.

Nail Care:

Nail care depends more on personal preference, as some brides do not receive nail treatments other than on their wedding day. I, however, like to keep my nails manicured at all times, to me it just appears neater. Also, I like to keep my nails generally short, as it is easier to work with, but as I said its all about what you prefer. If you do however receive monthly nail treatments, be sure to keep your nails healthy. You can do this by not over-manicuring them (once every three weeks is good), and also try to stay away from harsh products. I prefer to use Bio-Sculpture Gel as it is the most beneficial manicure treatment. Bio-Sculpture is also vegan and they do not test on animals… BONUS!

Internal Care:

Internal body care goes hand in hand with external care. If you’re healthy internally, being healthy externally should come naturally. So, for my internal health, I swear by folic acid. Keep in mind that you should consult with a professional about suitable dosage. I would also recommend that you start using a multi-vitamin, just to take care of general internal things and help you cope with the stress of planning the most important day ever.

What you eat is also REALLY IMPORTANT, however most brides at this stage will probably follow some diet plan religiously. All I can say is, remember to nurture your body, don’t starve yourself or neglect your body. Yes, you might be skinny at the end of the day, but you won’t be healthy. I’m not saying don’t diet, I’m just saying LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!

I hope that my advise can help you in any way, big or small. Also remember that I am writing this blog post series out of my own experiences. So not everything that I did in the six months leading up to my wedding day will work for you, but it should serve as a guideline to help make your big day perfect!

Happy Friday Future Brides!





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