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Flawless Wedding Skin: Blog Post 4

Flawless Wedding Skin

Flawless Wedding Skin:

Four months before the big day


So here we are… Four months until your big day. How exciting is that? Only four months until you become a Mrs. Well when you say ‘I do’, I want you to have flawless wedding skin. Thus today’s blog post is all about DIY face masks that will make your skin glow. I will also discuss in some in-salon treatments, hair & body care as well as how to care for your insides. So here it goes, I hope you like it!


In month five I discussed some intensive treatments for your skin, so this month I want you to take it easy on your skin whilst still maintaining the results that we achieved last month. Both Problematic and Environmentally damaged skin types are just doing an active rejuvenation treatment this month. This will refine your skin texture and give you an overall glow on your skin. This month will be perfect to do an engagement shoot with great looking skin.

Home Skin-Care:

At home, you should still continue your skin care routine as mentioned in month six. However, I want to introduce your skin to something new this time around… The Nimue Serum range. I would advise you to consult with your skin care specialist if you are uncertain about how these Nimue Serums will affect your skin. However, if you do know your skin you can just purchase these serums from your nearest Nimue stockist (download the Nimue app to find one near you).

So let’s get down to business, if you feel as if  your skin is dry and needs more hydration you can opt for the Nimue Stemplex serum. If you have an oily skin and want to rid your skin from some sebum, opt for the Nimue Hydrating serum or the Corrective serum. Just know that when introducing your skin to a new serum, you will need to give your skin about two weeks to get use to these active ingredients for the product to work optimally. 


This month, which is month four, you will still need to exfoliate your body every second week. Also keep your skin hydrated by using Matsimela body butter at least once a day. From this month I would recommend you to start with a foot care regime. Visit your favourite salon for a pedicure in order to start the maintenance of your heels. You wouldn’t want cracked, dry heels on your wedding day! Once again, this is a two-for-one deal, you will have amazing looking feet on your wedding day and you get to relax whilst receiving this pre-wedding treat.


This month I would recommend you to still do a natural mask at home, a salon mask and an in-salon treatment. However I would like to add one more treatment, so you can do one each week of the month.

Week one: Home remedy mask, I prefer to do a mayonnaise mask. Read more about the mayo mask here.

Week two: Salon mask at home, you should consult with your hairdresser on which product is most suitable for your hair.

Week three: Home remedy mask (google a new mask) and invite your maid of honor over for a nice girls night in. Nothing is as relaxing as spending a night in with your best friend! (Don’t tell your future hubby I said that).

Week four: Make an appointment to go for your in-salon treatment, remember to use this opportunity to go out on a date night with your man. Or even better make dinner together and stay in for a dinner date by candle light.  


Once again you should go to the salon for your every three week gel overlay. Ask your nail care therapist if she can recommend a good cuticle oil for you to use everyday. I prefer to use the Matsimela cuticle oil. I leave it next to my bed and when I jump into bed I do all of my lotions and potions and lastly I put on my cuticle oil. Then i apply my a final layer of body butter on my hands and off to dreamland I am.


Keep on using your Folic acid and multi vitamins to maintain your inner health. If you feel like your exercise routine and vitamin intake does not provide the sufficient energy you need to juggle work and planning you big event. Rather consult a doctor or pharmacist to give you some more insight on what you could do. I always find a good night out with my friends (and fiancé) keeps me sane and relaxed.

What is life if it is not a wonderful journey where you can be motivated to be the best you in all aspect of your life.

I hope that you have a blessed journey in the next few months leading up to your big day! I also hope that my advice can help you in any way, big or small. Also remember that I am writing this blog post series out of my own experiences. So not everything that I did in the six months leading up to my wedding day will work for you, but it should serve as a guideline to help make your big day perfect!

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Happy Friday Beautiful Bride-to-Be.



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