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Eye Shadow Most Suitable for Your Eye Colour

Eye Shadow

How to choose the right eye shadow for your eye colour.


As in art, make up should always be done according to a colour wheel. In art class you are taught that certain colours complement one another. With make up it is almost the same, you can choose your eye shadow colour to complement your eyes. This way, the eye shadow will make your eye colour stand out more. 

How does the colour wheel work?

When choosing colours that complement one another, you should choose the colours that are across from one another, as shown in the colour wheel below. However, this colour wheel might not be as helpful when referring to eye colour.

Complimentary Colour Wheel

Complimentary Colour Wheel

The next colour wheel is a more detailed wheel, which might help you more in the search for the ‘right’ eye shadow colour. 

Colour Wheel

Eye Colour, Colour Wheel

Most Common Complementary Colours:

Brown and Hazel Eyes

Almost any colour, but your best options would be:

  • Green Tones
  • Pink Tones
  • Smokey Blue
  • Plums and Purples
  • Earth Tones
  • Shimmery Tones (Bronze, Gold, Copper)
Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

Blue and Grey Eyes
  • Earth Tones
  • Neutral Colours
  • Rose
  • Purple or Violet
  • Shimmery Tones (Silver, Slate)
Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

Green Eyes
  • Warm Browns
  • Taupe
  • Rose
  • Plum
  • Smokey Neutrals
Eye Shadow for Green Eyes

Eye Shadow for Green Eyes

This should serve as a beginners guide to choose the right eye shadow for your eye colour. However this is just a guide and you should not feel limited to just these colours… but they might just make you look AMAZING!

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