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Do It Yourself: Beginners Guide To Great Eyebrows

DIY Eyebrows for Beginners

Fuller and bolder eyebrows are really trendy at the moment! However some people may argue that natural brows are coming back very quickly but we’re still crushing on structure and clean lines. Make Up Magician, Jenine Grobler, helped us out with today’s post as she is a brow guru. If you see her brows, you’ll know what I’m talking about!  

The Eyebrow Guru (Jenine) was nice enough to share with us her step by step guide on how to keep your brow game strong or on fleek (how ever you choose to describe your brows). 

Here are some steps on how to achieve a perfect brow:

  • Step One: Shaping your Eyebrows.

    To determine the perfect eyebrow shape or your face, you can look at your natural brow and identify three main focal points. This should be where your eyebrows start, arch and end. By identifying these points before you start with the make up you will be able to achieve a more natural and precise look.


Determine The Focal Points of Your Natural Brows

  •  Step Two: Create Fuller Eyebrows.

    Now that you have a shape, you can start by making your eyebrows look fuller. To help create the perfect brow try using an angled brush. To fill your eyebrows, you can use one of two options. Eyebrow powder or an eyebrow pencil. Use a feather-like action to fill in the area of your brows. Remember to match the colour closest to your natural eyebrow colour.

    Eyebrow Tutorial

    Eyebrow Tutorial

  • Step Three: Setting Your Brows.

    When finished with your eyebrows and the rest of your makeup you can use a setting spray or even hairspray works great to get that ‘no smudge’ look.

I hope that you have learned as much from Eyebrow Guru Jenine as I have!

For more make up tips and inspiration follow Jenine on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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Happy Tuesday!



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