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D.I.Y Winter Pamper Sessions at Home

Nighttime Routine

I have chosen to give you some insight on how to host your own ‘Pamper at home’ session. If you have the option, I would recommend using Matsimela and Nimue products when doing your pampering sessions. If you don’t have access to these products don’t fear, I will be sharing some DIY recipes for a great pampering session!

Firstly let’s start off with a great body scrub, I would prefer using a Matsimela body scrub just because it’ absolutely amazing and totally affordable. However if you are all for the DIY thing, try the Adara DIY Coffee scrub.

What you’ll need:

Ground Coffee
Almond/ Coconut/ Olive Oil
See the recipe here.

One could use this scrub all over your body, and it’s pretty great for tightening your skin as well (which means less cellulite). So after you have scrubbed your body clean of all the stress and worry of the week, we can move on to foot care.

For foot care you’ll need:

A foot file
Matsimela Scrub or DIY Coffee Scrub
A good moisturising body lotion or the Matsimela Body Butter
Then follow our Happy Feet recipe right here.

Now for your hands, to me it’s really the most important for my hands to look and feel good.

This pampering session will require the following:

Nail Polish of your choice, remember that nail polish will always stay on longer if you use a base and top coat.
Scrub of your choice.
Cuticle oil, if you do not have this, you can simply use coconut, almond or olive oil.
Hand lotion or body butter.
Follow the great nail polish tutorial by HowCast.com in order to apply your nail polish like a pro. After your nail polish has completely dried you can follow the Adara Guide to healthy hands.

Here you have two choices, you could either opt for the Nimue Rejuvenating Mask (which is amazing I might add). You can find a Nimue stockist via the Nimue App. If you prefer the DIY option, then view the Adara egg white mask here.

Lastly you can treat your hair.

If you have coconut oil to your disposal, this is a GREAT hair mask, full of nutrients and nourishing oils. Apply this across your hair, leave it for about 15 minutes and the rinse thoroughly! Another great hair mask is Mayonnaise, I know it may seem a bit odd. However Mayonnaise is filled with protein and nourishing oils. Read more about it here. 

I hope that you will treat yourself to a stress free pampering session!

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