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Clear Wedding Skin: Blog Post 6

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Clear Wedding Skin:

Two months before the big day



So here we are… Two months before your big day. How exciting is that? Only two months until you become a Mrs. Well when you say ‘I do’, I want you to have the most clear wedding skin. Thus today’s blog post is all about DIY face masks that will make your skin glow. I will also discuss in some in-salon treatments, hair & body care as well as how to care for your insides. So here it goes, I hope you like it!

Clear Wedding Skin:

Don’t you just love doing Nimue active facials? This month we will be doing more of the 7.5% TCA and 35% Glycolic treatments. For problematic skins we can do either one or two 7.5% TCA depending on your skins condition. Your therapist can analyse your skin while doing the first treatment then you can decide together if you need another one in this month. As time goes by the big day comes closer and closer. We want you to have clear wedding skin in two months. For environmentally damaged skin types you need to do one of the 35% Glycolic treatments. We did these treatments in ‘5 months before the wedding’ (second month of preparation) so if you can remember the result were amazing and now we can build up on those results. For the problematic skin type you can expect dry flaky skin after the treatment, but when the dryness and flakiness has gone your skin will be smooth, pores minimized and breakouts much less. This treatment also helps a lot for the underlying congestion you may experience on your skin making your skin seem flawless. This joins in with our ultimate goal of flawless blushing skin in your wedding day. If you are the environmentally damaged skin type you can expect plumper, smoother skin after your 35% Glycolic treatment.

Home Skin-Care:

Home care we are adding a homemade mask this month. My absolute favourite mask to do at home is the Egg white mask. Simply take the egg white of one egg and whisk it until it is white and fluffy , then you brush a thin layer onto your skin. You can repeat this three times giving your skin 3 layers of this mask. When you feel your skin has dried and the mask is tight you need to leave it on at least mins. Then you can wash this off with your cleanser and continue your normal home care routine, do this mask twice this month, not on days you are using the exfoliating enzyme as well. This mask is both an exfoliator and hydrator at once.


This month we are upping your exfoliating game by doing the full body exfoliation once a week. I would recommend using the Boabab sugar scrub from Matsimela from now on as it is a milder exfoliation not stimulating your skin to much when doing exfoliations this often.


Continue with your hair masks weekly. Alternating the masks you use. I would only use one home remedy mask this month, two salon masks and one in-salon treatment. Remember to keep consulting with your hairdresser to use the correct products on your hair. I would for sure start using a ‘salon’ shampoo and conditioner this month to ensure your hair in in its best shape when the wedding bells ring.


Keep on doing your gel overlays, but make sure you don not break a nail (you don’t want to ruin your nails this close to your wedding). You are also already growing your nails, be sure not to use your nails as tools as it will then be easier to break. Never ever clean under your nails with sharp tools only cleans with a soft nail brush and some soap. Keep using your Matsimela scrub every night and you can now start using you cuticle oil 3 times a day to ensure you keep you nail factory healthy.

I hope that you have a blessed journey in the next few months leading up to your big day! I also hope that my advice can help you in any way, big or small. Also remember that I am writing this blog post series out of my own experiences. So not everything that I did in the six months leading up to my wedding day will work for you, but it should serve as a guideline to help make your big day perfect!

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Happy Friday Beautiful Bride-to-Be.






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