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How to choose the right foundation for your skin.

Foundation Application

How to match foundation to your skin.


So we all know that we should be thorough when choosing the right colour foundation for your face, as you don’t want to look too orange or too pale. However, that is not the only thing to take into consideration when purchasing your foundation. Whether your skin is oily, dry or combination could also play a key role in your foundation selection. Foundation brands such as Kryolan and Nimue both cater for most skin types. Remember that you want to apply something to your skin that will not damage it as you will be wearing your foundation for most of the day… everyday.

Determine your skin tone.

To determine your skin tone, look for these characteristics under your wrist.

Warm Undertones
  • People in this category are mostly a yellow or golden skin tone. Under your wrist, your veins mostly appear as a ‘greenish’ colour.
Cool Undertones
  • This tone is usually classified as a pink or beige undertone. Your veins look mostly blue if you look under your wrists.
Olive Undertones
  • People with this skin tone are known to have a slightly green/brown undertone. Your veins should appear as a mixture of blue and green.

If this is still too confusing for you, refer to the chart below to match your skin tone.

Match your foundation

Skin Tones

How to test if your foundation is the right colour.

  • Take a small sample of foundation and apply it along your jawline, if the foundation is suitable to your skin colour it should basically ‘disappear’ into your skin.

Determine your skin type.

Look for these characteristics on your skin.

Dry Skin
  • Lacks any natural luster and feels like your skin is “tight”
Normal skin
  • Is neither dry nor oily. (You are the lucky ones)
Combination skin
  • Feels oily in the T-zone and dry or normal anywhere else. For those of you who don’t know, the T-Zone is the are across your forehead, all the way down your nose and under your eyes.
Oily skin
  • Feels oily all over.

Again, the same with the skin tones… If the above stated still confuses you, here is a picture to explain it in a different way.

Determine your skin type

Skin Types

So now that you know how to match a foundation to both your skin type and colour,let’s talk about which foundations are suitable for the different skin types.

Choose foundation for your skin type.

  • If you have an oily skin, you want to choose a foundation that does not have an oil base… Oil on oil might not create the effect that you want. 
  • Dry skin: If you want to moisturise your skin, you would want to opt for a lightweight foundation that won’t ‘sink’ into your skin.
  • If you are one of the lucky ones who are blessed with a normal skin, you can apply whatever your heart desires! Your face won’t reject any product, which is great for you!

I prefer the Nimue due to the fact that it is a lightweight foundation, which could also be applied in more layers if necessary. The Nimue foundation is formulated with Ceramide 2, a lifting complex and skin firming peptide… This is all just fancy talk for saying that this foundation will make you look younger, whilst leaving your skin feeling firm and moisturised.
As Nimue is not a cosmetic product, it focuses on the well being of your skin, as well as the appearance.

Nimue Pro-Age Foundation

Nimue Pro-Age Foundation

I hope that you learned something about foundation today. 

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Happy Tuesday ya’ll.



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