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How To Choose The Right Facial Treatment For Your Skin Type.

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Which facial treatment is right for you?


In this blog post I want to give you some information on how to choose the right facial treatment for your skin. Obviously it is recommended that you also discuss this process with your therapist, however this is just a basic guideline to consider. In this post I will be focusing on Aloe Unique facial treatments as well as the Nimue treatments.

Firstly, here are the different type of facial treatments as well as their benefits:


  1. Therapeutic Treatment 

    This is a pampering treatment, customised to a client’s specific needs. This treatment is also recommended as an introductory treatment for new Nimue Clients.

  2. Deep Cleanse Treatment

    A purifying treatment that provides effective skin clarification, which includes extractions and a treatment mask.

  3. Active Rejuvenation Treatment

    Is an active treatment that facilitates dermal rejuvenation, reduces pore size and ensures overall skin improvement.

  4. 7.5% TCA Treatment

    This is a deep exfoliating treatment that results in radiant and smooth skin by means of superficial peeling – this enhances the cell regeneration and improves your skins health.

  5. 35% Glycolic Treatment

    Is a hydrating, deep exfoliating treatment  that improves skin texture and overall appearance, this treatment will leave your skin with an instant plumpness.

  6. SRC Treatment

    A rejuvenating treatment which includes superficial peeling, which targets hyper-pigmentation, aging and problematic skin.

  7. Micro-Needling Treatment

    This treatment specialises in promoting collagen and re-modelling the skins firmness.

Aloe Unique

  1. Skin Treatment

    This is a specific treatment that promotes elasticity and provides oxygen to the skin cells, leaving your skin moisturised and firm.

  2. Deep Cleanse Treatment

    A treatment that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Aloe Ferox effectively treats acne, inflammation and reduces the appearance of red marks.

Now that you know the different treatments that I am discussing, let’s get on to the big decision making guide!

  • Firstly you need to visit your qualified therapist for a skin analysis to determine your skin type.
  • After skin type has been determined – now you can choose the right facial for you:

Environmentally Damaged Skin

  1. Therapeutic Treatment
  2. Active Rejuvenation Treatment
  3. 35% Glycolic Treatment
  4. SRC Treatment
  5. Aloe Unique Skin Treatment

Problematic Skin 

  1. Deep Cleanse Treatment
  2. Active Rejuvenation Treatment
  3. 7.5% TCA Treatment
  4. Aloe Unique Deep Cleanse Treatment

Combination or Normal Skin

  1. Therapeutic Treatment
  2. Active Rejuvenation Treatment
  3. Micro-Needling Treatment
  4. Aloe Unique Skin Treatment

* If you do not know what these treatments are, please refer to the list above.

Remember to love the skin you’re in!

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