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The benefits of Aloe Bitter Crystals.

Aloe Unique

What is Aloe bitter? 

Indigenous to our rich African soil, Aloe Ferox (known as Cape Aloe or Aloe Bitter) has been used as a medicinal plant for over two centuries. Bitter aloe is among the tallest of the more than 400 aloe species and can be found in the Cape Region. Aloe bitter is most commonly known for its natural digestive-cleansing benefits. 

Why Aloe Ferox?

Aloe ferox almost contains double the amount of amino acids to the worldwide harvested aloe vera. These are the building blocks for new cells which make up healthy skin. Aloe Ferox contains twenty times more bitter sap. This holds Aloin known for its anti-oxidant properties. 

Why Aloe Unique?

Aloe Unique has a body care range, Skincare range as well as a wellness range. In the Aloe unique wellness range the aloe is still harvested like it was 200 years ago, as it was believed that the inner non-bitter Aloe leaf juice build the immune system, energizes and soothes an upset digestive system.

What are Bitter Crystals?

These are crystals made with the first juice that bleeds out of the Aloe Ferox Leaf and are ideal to use a laxative and detoxifier.

Aloe Bitter Crystals

Aloe Bitter Crystals

The main ingredients of Aloe Bitter Crystals.

  • Cape aloe ferox – Stimulates growth of new cells
  • Hydrating – Vitamin E 
  • Promotes healing with Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B 5, 2- Stimulates cellular activity and emollient

So if you feel that you need to detox your body and get rid of all toxins. Your first step would to get your hands on the Aloe Unique Bitter Crystals.

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  1. Magda

    Hi my is Magda,

    I’ve being using Cape Aloe Vera from Clicks for a week now, but I can still feel no difference. My arms, legs, knees, hands and fingers are so sore that I can barely move and hold anything with my hands.

    Can you please tell me if the symptom’s and pain will go away after a period of time using the Cape Aloe Vera and become normal again, the way I was before I got so sick!

    My Acid levels are 90% and our acid levels must be 30%, I think that’s why I’ve got so much pain.

    So many people told me about the Cape Aloe Vera and that I MUST use it, it will heal me with time. I ground it fine and take a little bit every night with water.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Kind Regards


    1. Daniella Johst (Post author)

      Hi Magda,

      Great to hear from you, unfortunately we are not medical professionals and it would be wise to consult with someone that could explain to you what is happening and what would make it better.

      I just want some clarification on where you actually feel pain, is it on the surface of your skin, or inside the body? This would help with establishing the origin or cause of your pain.

      I will advise you to try the Aloe for a little while longer to see if you find any relief whilst using it. If your pain persists, I would advise you to seek medical attention.

      Thank you for reading the Adara Beauty Blog! We hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Annatjie Bann

    Will these crystals help for gout


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