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Seven Myths About Acne That You Should Definitely Ignore

Adult Acne

Only teenagers have acne problems

This is one of the biggest myths… Adult acne is a real problem (believe me I’ve seen it many times). The thing about acne is, it can be caused by a whole range of things, from genes and hormones, to a bad diet and not proper skincare. So, for the adults reading this, I know you’ve been thinking WTFudge is wrong with my skin? Why do I look like a teenager that just got hit by the puberty train. Well, adult acne is more common than you think, in fact “Clinical studies indicate that between 40 and 55 percent of the adult population age 20-40 are diagnosed with low grade, persistent acne and oily skin. According to the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, 54 percent of women older than age 25 have some facial acne.” states the International Dermal Institute. 

Sunscreen clogs your pores

NOT IF YOU USE THE RIGHT ONES! If you have read any of my previous blogs, you would know by now that I am a Nimue Skin Technology fanatic. I trust this range of products with my whole being. I have been using Nimue for almost 5 years now (it might even be longer) and never in my adult life, has my skin been more elastic, less porous, softer and clearer. The Nimue sunscreen is one of the best products on the market, it will not clog your pores, it moisturises and it protects! So, if anyone tells you that you shouldn’t wear sunscreen, just show them the hand and rub that Nimue sunscreen all over (I feel like you should say the latter in a Southern accent). 

Chlorine will improve your acne breakout

This is a big NO from me… Chlorine is nowhere to be found in any facial products, so let me as you this question – if it will improve your acne, why don’t dermatologists just rub it all over all acne problems? Because it is definitely not true. Chlorine could actually aggravate the skin and cause heavy inflammation, which would ultimately lead to an unwanted flare of acne across your skin. Stick to products that are specifically for skin care and in particular – acne treatment. Scientists and dermatologists have been doing research for years to try and beat this nuisance called acne! All I can say, is trust them – they actually know what they are doing.

You should pop your pimples to make them go away… ummmm NO

Another NO, I think I should just write NO next to all of these myths – because I don’t even know where people come up with these things. Let me just leave you with this thought (you can then make your own choice after).Think about where your hands are all day, you touch gross things, you use them for basically everything, so why would you take them even remotely close to your face???? DO NOT POP THOSE PIMPLES – you are making it worse!

Stress doesn’t cause acne.

Yep, it does! It’s no coincidence that you get a few pimples before your big wedding day, or in exam time. According to dermatologists at Stanford University part of the answer seems to be that the brain and the skin both make the same stress-related hormone that causes inflammation. You can read more on stress and acne related studies on the Facing Acne website. 

Toothpaste is good for healing acne.

Where do people even get their information?? This is the same myth as it is with chlorine – toothpaste has the word TOOTH as its base, so why would you even want to put it on your face? Yes, it is true that toothpaste will dry out pimples, but it is also true that it will cause an irritation on you skin that will cause your acne to flare up!

Microbeaded scrubs will eliminate the dirt in your pores.

I have actually written a whole blog on warning readers about the negative impact that micro-beaded scrubs could have on your skin. The reason being that the micro-beads actually aggravate the skin, and causes harsh inflammation of the skins surface, to find out more you can read the Exfoliation Blog that I wrote. What you should use instead is the Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme: This is a non- irritating, non- abrasive enzyme exfoliator with papaya and pineapple enzymes that work gently to detach dead skin cells, promoting cell renewal. This is the best exfoliator to use as it does not irritate already inflamed skin and aids in removing the dead skin cells that also causes congested acne skin. Another thing that is so absolutely great about the Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme is the fact that it is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and environmentally damaged skin.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s episode of Myth Busters! If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments below, and we will do our best to answer them!

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Edited by Tamen de Lange